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Before installing the floor

Modern connecting system means an easy and quick installation. Combined with few basic rules of appropriate care allows to keep our floor in good condition, for many years to come.

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During floor installation

  • While installing the floor we should make sure the air temperature is about 18-22, air humidity 45-60. This temperature and humidity range corresponds with floor humidity, which is 7±2% and this humidity should be maintained during the whole utilization period of FINISH PARQUET/FINISH BOARD.
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After floor installation

  • After installing the floor, we remove distance blocks and we attach the strips.
  • We dust and vacuum the floor, dirty spots should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
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Use and care

  • For paper care and maintenance you should always use only professional care products, recommended by wooden floor sellers. Taking care of your floor should be a routine you should never forget about. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your floor for many years.
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